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“CuckooMondo - why wouldn’t our school use it?“

• Delivering science-rich workshops based on story in school or to download • Resources with lesson plans for the new curriculum • Supporting resources based on story • We deliver enable REAL LIFE achievements which make a difference.

Do you want your children to make real changes, like saving a year's worth of electricity per class?

What about saving the use of 4,000 plastic bags?

And saving the use of a tenth of an olympic swimming pool's water?

They all can be achieved through our workshops and resources.

CuckooMondo helps children realise that actions around the home can have far-reaching effects around the globe, and that they CAN make a big difference. For more information, contact us here. Teaching children about living more sustainability is a no-brainer. But that doesn’t mean hugging trees or tying yourself to a fence, it means just thinking a little more about everyday things we use; making more of an effort to make things last for others. CuckooMondo provides a method for teaching sustainability across the curriculum through our storyworld. Using our characters, their environments and their friends, we can instil a message into the children that will endure. Giving the children a voice is essential. We have a facility for children to show us what they can do through eBooks they produce. They can do a whole lot more than you think!

CuckooMondo enables teaching eco/sustainability across the curriculum to primary children. Read More
Learn about ECO/sustainability in a fun way reading our great stories and really make a difference! Read More
Our children are much brighter than most of us think! Read More
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July 17, 2014
‘Pest Power!’ Children save parents £70 a year!
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July 17, 2014
David Cameron writes to Shiney Row!
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